Corporate Overview

Trusted Since 1998..

Corporate Overview

Trusted Since 1998..

Having been established in 1998, BUTON has a strong and successful past of 15 years. The success comes from our desire to establish trusted and honest relationships with our customers and partners. This has been proven and usually spoken out by our customers and partners over the past 15 years.

BUTON eBusiness Solutions is a software engineering services company whose main focus is delivering reliable and usable out-of-the-box software, consultancy, support and custom software development solutions to enterprise companies. We believe the excellence comes from experience, and experience in specific fields. With this in mind, In order to achieve realiable, trusted and correct solutions to its customers, BUTON has partnered with many global software vendors who are leaders in their respective areas.

Your Long Lasting Partner in a Brave New World

We see our customers as our partners and always look for ways to establish a long lasting reliable and trusted relationship. During before or after sales, we follow the following principles:
  • Be honest and sincere to establish a trusted relationship,
  • Always protect customer interests whatever the cost is,
  • Never leave an issue conflicting or incomplete,
  • Respond fast and clear,
  • Protect Buton eBusiness Solutions and its partners interests as long as it does not conflict with the above rules

Best of Breed Solutions

Standart commerce operation starts with Supply Chain and ends with Customer Services. As the commerce volume increases, the need for more professional, more reliable solutions arises. BUTON together with its partners provides these solutions for all possible steps in an enterprise commerce scenario including :
  • Supply Chain Execution
  • Supply Chain Planning
  • eCommerce
  • Enterprise Sales
What is a Best of Breed Product?

“A best-of-breed product has been identified as the best product of its type. Enterprises often purchase software from different vendors to obtain the best-of-breed offering for each application area. For example, enterprises may purchase a human-resource package from one vendor and an accounting package from another. Although enterprise resource planning (ERP) vendors offer numerous enterprise applications and claim that their integrated system is a superior solution, all modules in an ERP system are rarely best-of-breed.”

From Gartner IT Glossary

Custom Solutions and Services

Sometimes a solution cannot be provided by an out-of-the-box product, this is when our custom solutions can help and this is what differs us from the rest of the crowd.

Buton is celebrating its 15th year in business. We thank all current and past colleagues and our valuable customers for being there with us carrying our company into 21th century.