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Platform Solutions
Business Intelligence & Analytics
Barcode & RFID Labeling
Telnet Server
Mobile Devices
Application & Data Integration
BUTON, offers many other solutions that complement its main stream solutions. For these complementary solutions, which we refer as platform solutions, we have partnered with best of breed software providers to offer you the best possible solution alternatives.

Application Integration

Buton offers several integration solutions over its global partners. Today the integration is one of the most challenging topics for every enterprise, having multiple systems like ERP, CRM, OMS, WMS and etc, through integration it is now possible to establish a common Enterprise Service Bus sharing data between all data sources.

Business Intelligence & Analytics

One of the the most challenging topics is also the analyzing the data you have and prepare reports and even visualize it. Buton through its global partners also provides you with several options to prepare reports and visualize your data.

Telnet Communication

Some of the solutions we provide utilizes Telnet communications, especially at the mobile device side. Communicating over telnet gives the best possible performance you can get out of your network and your mobile devices.

Enterprise Label Printing

When it comes to printing Barcode labels, RFID tags and many other types of labels for your product, we offer enterprise centralized solutions which can communicate with many printers and also with many software as data source. It is now possible to use a centralized approach, instead of distributing your applications over to many devices.

Mobile Devices and Hardware

Especially in Supply Chain solutions, mobility requires you to have rugged devices, devices that can stand the hot and cold environments, touch devices that can still be used even with a hard glove. Buton, through its Zebra and Honeywell partnerships provides the latest technology hardware to its customers.