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Buton Professional Services

Software Engineers At Work

For a company to own a running software goes through many stages, we, at Buton eBusiness Solutions are pleased to offer you our services at all of these stages.

  • Software Evaluation: Evaluating alternatives and decision making,
  • Purchasing the Software Licenses,
  • Project Plan and KickOff,
  • Project Execution,
  • Project Delivery,
  • Training and Documentation,
  • Uninterrupted and proper support,
  • Change Management.
Within this scope, here are some of the service alternatives that Buton offers:

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Project Management and Consultancy Services

Through Knowledge and Experience comes the right solutions

Project Management

BUTON, in all projects, selects and carries the right methodology, sometimes the combination of methodologies, according to customer, partner or the scope of work. Major methodologies include AIM and Waterfall Project Management Methodologies, and these are usually broken down into detais using Agile Methodologies.

No matter how big or small the project is, our customers initially receive a draft project plan which usually consist of around hundred tasks. Depending on the scope and size of the project, plan is revised ending with several hundred tasks, internal and external. After analysis and design phase, Customer receives a statement of work, revised project plan and with the workflow diagrams.

Steering Committee meetings and updates
At the beginning of each project, a steering committee is formed, steering committee is responsible of :
  • Take responsibility for the project's feasibility, business plan and achievement of outcomes;
  • Ensure the project's scope aligns with the requirements of the stakeholder groups, and to represent stakeholder interests in project deliberations;
  • Provide those directly involved in the project with guidance on project business issues, especially issues which would compromise the success of the project;
  • Ensure effort and expenditure are appropriate to stakeholder expectations;
  • Assist in the evaluation of project risks, and project risk management approaches;
  • Keep the project scope under control as emergent issues force changes to be considered;
  • Reconcile differences in opinion and approach, and resolve disputes arising from them.
Through our service portal, Connect.Buton,

Online project tracking: Our customers are able to monitor the project progess

Online access to project documentation: Connect.Buton is also our corporate document management portal with appropriate parts open to our customers,

Online project execution and collaboration:Some topics and discussions sometimes die in between notes and emails shared between the parties. To prevent this, we offer our customers ability to comment, attach documents and share ideas about each every task in the project.

Consultancy Services

There is no human being who knows and has knowledge of all different markets and industries. With this fact in mind, BUTON has access to a large network of international consultants. Besides our own resources, we are able to offer our customers consultants who has international experience in their respecive business.

Software Implementation

The software you purchase needs to be customized to fit your business needs. Software Implementation Services is a combination of Project Management, Consultancy and Coding. Buton team, trained and certified for the solutions they provide, carry out the coordination and implementation projects for its customers.

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Software Development Services

Continous innovation through continous learning

Ready to use and configure products do not always meet all requirements alone, with this fact in mind, Buton does not only provide configuration and implementation services, but also provides custom software development services using languages and frameworks like PL-SQL, T-SQL, .Net technologies, JavaScript, C#, VB.Net and many others. Our skillful resources enables us to produce solutions to almost any challenging requirement.

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Support Services

Always there for you

As an engineering company, Buton provides support services for almost any scenario. Either for the projects we have carried out, or the completely independent IT support requests, we offer support and we are there for you. Here are some of the support types we offer:

Maintenance & Support Agreements
If the project is carried out by Buton or its Partners, Support starts the time the project and licenses agreement is signed. If the project is related with a Buton solution partner's software, our partner's M&S with certain SLA'a take precedence and project is registered to relative partner's support center. In this scenario, Customers carry the L1 responsibility, Buton L2 and solution Partner L3 level support.

  • L1 Support : the support request is taken, evaluated and if possible solved by Customer IT Team,
  • L2 Support : the problems that can not be solved by customer team are escalated to L2 support over Connect.Buton,
  • L3 Support : the problems that can not be solved at L2 are escalated to L3 support, Partner Support Center

Customized Local Support Agreements
In addition to above predefined agreeement, our customers also have the luxury of building the best possible support package for their company. These are normally based on Man/Hour and number of Visits and resource type used, here are some of the alternatives:
  • Periodic and Planned Remote or On-Site Support,
  • Periodic On-Site Consultancy Services,
  • Periodic Remote or On-Site Development and Configuration Services
Please ask for the support coverage you would like to receive...